The Ferrari 812 GTS & The SF90 Stradale

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The Ferrari 812 GTS & The SF90 Stradale

London, 1 December– Ferrari’s long-standing success in the BBC TopGear Magazine awards continues with two awards in 2020 for the Ferrari 812 GTS (Noise of the Year) and Ferrari SF90 Stradale (Eco-Warrior of the Year). This brings Ferrari’s impressive tally of BBC TopGear Magazine Awards to 18 Awards in 17 years.  When deciding on the awards, the judges passed the following comments on two of Ferrari’s latest models:

Noise of the Year: Ferrari 812 GTS

This open-air 812 GTS is a certifiable psychopath. Any car with this engine – a baleful, wailing, soaring 9,000rpm V12 that fellates your ego while it pulverises your senses – would be remarkable. But when it’s matched to steering this reactive, a turn-in appetite that’s outrageous for such a girthy beast and a gearbox that somehow sends lightning bolts of dopamine down your spine just from a quick tug of the paddles, it’s a driving experience that beggars belief.

Eco-warrior of the Year: Ferrari SF90 Stradale

The hybrid LaFerrari was a toe in the water, but the SF90 Stradale makes a bigger splash. As years go, 2020 has been many things, but a new Ferrari halo car in which you can commute to work on electric power, with something explosive in reserve for the weekend, tips the scales right back to annus marvellous.

Both the 812 GTS and SF90 Stradale are not limited-series cars but are completely new additions to the Ferrari range: the 812 GTS is the first series production convertible V12 since the 365 GTS4, while the SF90 Stradale has created a completely new segment for the brand, with a 1000hp hybrid supercar now available within the standard Ferrari product range. Both cars are also covered by the Ferrari Genuine Maintenance package which covers all servicing costs for 7-years.

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