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Maranello, 18 June 2022 – To mark the 50th anniversary of the Fiorano Circuit, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello presents a new exhibition dedicated to the history of the famous track.

The centre piece of the exhibition is the spectacular lighting show staged on 15 June, which featured the circuit itself and was certified by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®.

The opening of the new exhibition is one of a series of initiatives from the Museum directed towards Prancing Horse fans and enthusiasts, part of the packed schedule of the Notte Rossa, the event organised by Maranello Town Council.

The exhibition tells the story of 50 years of activity at the circuit through a collection of archive images and video content, from its opening in 1972 in keeping with the wishes of Enzo Ferrari to the activities organised today.

“Every single section of circuit should be able to put the dynamic behaviour of the car to the test in such a way as to make it easy to identify each car’s problems. From now on, I don’t want any Ferrari to take to the track or enter range production without passing the Fiorano test with flying colours.”


Within the exhibition, there will also be the chance to see the video of the lighting show installed at the Fiorano circuit to celebrate the major milestone of 75 years since the Maranello-based company was founded. For the occasion, the circuit was transformed into a gigantic LED wall, made up of 172,000 lights and 1,039,280 LED points, 89 km of dynamic LED strings making up a total of 112.958,27 square metres. for an amazing show dedicated to Enzo and the passion he passed on to the great Ferrari Community, which has spread out into every corner of the world from its starting point in Maranello, 75 years ago.

The exceptional lighting show was certified by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® as “The largest LED-illuminated circuit”.

As well as the historical section on the most important milestones in the company’s 50-year history, the exhibition presents two cars with a particular significance to the circuit:

  • Ferrari 3.2 Mondial Cabriolet        

The car was at the centre of the famous visit that Pope John Paul II made to Maranello in 1988, which also saw him make a guest appearance at the Fiorano circuit. There, the Pope met Enzo Ferrari and granted his presence in a memorable event that took place on the Fiorano Circuit itself: moreover, the Pope allowed himself – a specific request – a few laps of the track in the Ferrari 3.2 Mondial Cabriolet, driven by the Founder’s son, Piero Ferrari. The very same car is on display for the occasion.  

  • Ferrari 150 LM

A special atmosphere was generated around the Maranello “prototypes” from the very beginning: they identified the inventive brilliance of the manufacturer, its mystery, and its spectacular results. These tools for development result from the intensive research that has always been a hallmark of Ferrari’s creations, and they have led to vehicles bursting with technology that capture the imagination every time, drawing attention firmly to Ferrari. These cars are unique and –every time – represent an age that will never truly end, of inimitable cars and victories that live on as memories. Most of these masterpieces are now in the hands of connoisseurs, who have preserved these works of art in homage to the unique and original quality of the solutions that Ferrari has adopted. In order to connect the 50th anniversary of the Fiorano Circuit with the vast quantity of development tests – always strictly private – the 2014 Ferrari 150 LM is present. This “test bench” is based on the LaFerrari, the top-performing car at the time, seeking to improve assemblies, components and aerodynamics, with advanced solutions tied to the data acquired in the course of extensive experience on the home track.


On the evening of Saturday, 18 June, the Museum will stay open until 10.30 p.m., offering the public the chance to enter with a reduced-rate ticket for those who enter from 6 p.m. onwards.

The evening will reproduce some of the successful activities that took place during the Motor Valley Fest at the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena: some of the most noteworthy cars in the collection will be on display with their bonnets open, as well as free guided tours, organised every 60 minutes from 7.30 p.m. in both Italian and English. The latter are subject to availability.

The following day, Sunday 19 June, evening admission will be extended as well as entry at a reduced rate. Visitors will also be able to watch and cheer Ferrari on in the Museum’s Convention Hall, which will show the Canadian GP. Available while places last.

A giant screen will also be set up in the forecourt of the Museum, allowing everyone to watch the video of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD®-winning lighting show over the weekend

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