Dodge Brother Facts 1864-1920

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Dodge Brother Facts 1864-1920

John and Horace Dodge die 11 months apart.

1910 – 1920
The Dodge Brothers expand on their success as a major parts supplier to become one of the largest manufacturers in the country with a worldwide dealer network. Building on their well-established reputation, John 
and Horace create a well-engineered car that appeals to the masses.

Walter P. Chrysler resigns as President of Buick and Vice President of General Motors.

Dodge Brothers introduce their first commercial truck, which is sold as a 1918 model.

Dodge cars become the U.S. Army’s first gasoline-powered combat vehicle used in battle while pursuing Poncho Villa in Mexico.

The Dodge Brothers end their relationship with the Ford Motor Company and begin producing their own vehicle.

Walter P. Chrysler is hired by Charles Nash as Works Manager for the Buick Motor Company in Flint, Michigan.

The Dodge Brothers build a new plant in Hamtramck, Michigan.

1900 – 1910
The first decade of the new century saw the introduction of the automobile to a wider consumer base. No longer were cars a toy for the rich. Early pioneers of the industry, including the Dodge Brothers, were able to mass produce and lower the price of automobiles.

Walter P. Chrysler attends the Chicago Auto Show and purchases his first car, a Locomobile.

The Dodge Brothers end their contract with Olds Motor Works and sign a contract with Henry Ford to build engines, transmissions, and steering and brake parts for Henry Ford’s new automobile venture.

The Dodge Brothers begin production of transmissions for the Olds Motor Works. They would eventually produce more than 3,000 transmissions.

The Dodge Brothers move to Detroit, Michigan, and open a machine shop on Beaubien Street.

The Industrial Revolution was picking up steam in the late 1800s and the men who would create the automobile industry were coming into their own. With the invention of the internal combustion engine and its mating with the formerly horse-drawn carriage, a new industry was born. This invention would in time change the course of history.

The Dodge Brothers move to Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and eventually form the Evens & Dodge Bicycle Company.

Walter P. Chrysler is born in Wamego, Kansas.

Horace Dodge is born in Niles, Michigan.

John Dodge is born in Niles, Michigan.

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