The 1951 GM Le Sabre

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GM's 1951 Le Sabre will return to Europe after a 50-year absence. Inspired by the jet aircraft, it was widely praised for its beautiful design and elegantly blended functional styling.

The 1951 GM Le Sabre

The General Motors Le Sabre was a 1951 concept car. Possibly the most important show car of the 1950s, it introduced aircraft-inspired design elements such as the wrap-around windshield and tail fins, which became common on automotive designs during the second half of the decade.

1951 GM Le Sabre. W51HV_GM012

The Le Sabre was the first GM to use of a rear-mounted transmission, which was also later used in the Pontiac Tempest.  It was also the first to us and  aluminum block and it was a 215. The 215 aluminum block was also used  in the Buick Special and Skylark, Oldsmobile Cutlass/F-85 and Jetfire, Pontiac Tempest and LeMans, and in many British cars, such as the Rover, Land Rover, Range Rover, Triumph, MG, and Morgan.

It was also the first time GM used the Le Sabre name until it re-emerged in Buick in 1959.

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