The Mercedes EQ

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The Mercedes EQ

So the tease starts with Mercedes, while building up to the modern release of the Mercedes EQ. The EQ is set to be revealed next week in Frankfurt.

The exterior design is believed to be an electric version of the next-generation S-Class and the futuristic designed four-door has a generalized interior with virtually zero conventional controls.

It has a spacious interior with bucket rear seats separated, just as the front seats, by a long spanning center console. Rear passengers have lots of legroom and space.

This futuristic design does away with traditional side mirrors and the A-pillars have tiny cameras. The armrests have built-in touchscreens for the driver and the front passenger as well, which have several functions.

The EQ will have very advance autonomous driving features and a new wave display will replace the rear view mirror. So far this futuristic Mercedes is shaping up to be a true modern version that would definitely be approved by James Bond (007) himself.

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