The Dallas Classic at Southfork

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The Dallas Classic at Southfork

On February 8, 2020 Rick Duncan will bring The Dallas Classic at Southfork to the Southfork Convention Center, located on the beautiful and historic Southfork Ranch where the show Dallas was filmed. It will be the first classic car show and auction to be held at Southfork and it appears that it will be a long-term event which will happen twice a year, once in the winter and a summer event as well.

The event will be held in the nearly 50,000 square foot indoor facility which consists of the Oil Baron’s Ballroom and other areas.

“I have dealt with many venues and city’s over the years, but Southfork has been the most courteous atmosphere I have ever experienced”, said Rick Duncan, founder of Duncan’s Auctions and The Dallas Classic at Southfork. “This is going to be an historic event at this venue, given the history of the Ewing mansion and the filming of the show Dallas. When you mention famous homes in the U.S., two venues come to mind, Southfork and Graceland. Southfork is truly a piece of cinematic history that still has a vast amount of followers not only in America, but worldwide. There’s nowhere you can walk without thinking, hey that’s where J.R. stood on the balcony or that’s where the Ewing Barbecue took place in the series. Our reception will be at the Ewing mansion and that should be a blast, plus there’s an ironic twist of history with me and Southfork. We can’t wait until February.”

The Dallas Classic at Southfork is shaping up to be a big hit in the Dallas area. There will be vendors of all kinds, show cars and auction cars along with classic car and vintage memorabilia.

Chelsea Duncan, Rick Duncan and Chelsea’s daughter at Southfork reviewing show & auction strategy…

“We are expecting classic cars from the teens through the 80’s and every decade in between” said Chelsea Duncan, digital marketing director of Duncan’s Auctions. “Like my dad, I grew up with classic cars all around me. We have talked about the perfect venue for a few years now and we both feel that this is it. I’ve toured Southfork a few times and it has a relaxing aura which will fit into our atmosphere perfectly. I am so looking forward to our first event at Southfork”

The event is scheduled for February 8, 2020. Put in on your calendar today!

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