The Nicest BMW 2002 You May Ever See

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The Nicest BMW 2002 You May Ever See

Regardless of where your passion lies with classic cars, American or European, muscle or luxury, we all pride ourselves in restoring a classic to the best of our abilities. Some go in the custom and hotrod direction, other’s make their classics nice drivers and then you have the collectors who take their cars back to factory spec with a complete frame off.

There is a sort of acceptance within the classic car community, wherein respect is given on all levels of restoration depending on the type of car and type of restoration, but there is a very thin line when attempting to take a classic car back to factory specifications as close to a #1 vehicle as possible and create a driver out of it in the process.

All classic car enthusiasts attend car shows and are in awe with the many vehicles we witness and sometimes that one car catches your eye. If you are one of us that appreciates the process of taking a vehicle back to the day it was born, then you will appreciate this 1972 BMW 2002 from Classic BMW of Plano, Texas.

Patrick Arnold, performance and Restoration Specialist with Classic BMW and Ambassador of the BMW Car Club of America Foundation took some time with us in order to describe this beautiful piece of BMW art. This 2002 was completed entirely to BMW specifications down to the frame, the interior, the body, the engine, the trim and the undercarriage. Arnold exposed one modification and add on that was not standard in 1972, but in 2018 was a necessity, especially in order to maintain this beauty as a driver. A phone charging cable was added and protrudes out of the dash to the left of the radio and rests on the shifting console, as if it were factory. It is actually hardwired into the radio.

When Arnold took it into the shop, it was black with no rust and not running. As you can see this car was taken apart by the bolt and reassembled bolt by bolt the right way. Although a BMW shop is going to have the correct parts and equipment to work with, Patrick had to search for several parts and regardless of what type of car your are restoring, this project is a great example of how to do one right.

Classic BMW purchased this car in 2013 and began restoration. It is believed that they are the 3rd owner. “The neat thing about this car is that you can drive anywhere without any hesitation” Patrick Arnold said. “I actually started out driving it to the 50th Annual BMW Car Club Octoberfest from Plano to Pittsburgh, PA., but turned around and trailered it up due to time constraints. But, I had no reservations whatsoever about making the 1200 mile, 18 hour trip in the car.”

After arriving and participating in the event, this well done 2002 and Patrick Arnold won 2nd Place in the Concour’s and justifiably so. Patrick told MyclassicNEWS that no matter where he takes the car, it performs flawlessly.

If you are ever in the Plano, Texas area, add Classic BMW to your classic car bucket list. Although Classic is a new BMW dealership, their entire facility is full of several classic cars and motorcycles around every turn and if you’re a racing buff, there’s no telling what you may run into. This Beautiful 2002 piece of artwork will be lurking in a room somewhere in the facility.

Thanks to Classic BMW for sharing this beautiful 2002 and their entire array of classic car artwork with us.

Classic BMW, 6800 Dallas Parkway, Plano, Texas, 214-778-2600,

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