Myklassic co-sponsors first Des Moines Alzheimer’s Event

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Alzheimer’s is close to our hearts here at Myklassic. Rick Duncan, President of Myklassic knows first hand the horrors of Alzheimers. Betty Duncan, his mother developed Alzheimer’s and lived a few years to 90 with the disease. When asked Rick said “I was proud to be a part of this great event to bring attention to this cruel disease. When our Official Classic Car transporter, Executive Auto Shippers asked us to co-sponser their first Alzheimer’s event in Iowa, I answered with a yes immediately. I watched my mother deteriorate with alzheimer’s and unless you live it, you can never understand the suffering that comes with this cruel disease. We at Myklassic are looking forward to year 2 next August.”

This event was held at the Cub’s stadium in Des Moines, Iowa, where the Cubs minor league team plays.

Alzheimer’s seems to be increasing within our population. Anyone who is interested can go to  the alzheimer’s website and learn more.

Enjoy some of the beautiful cars that supported this great event.


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