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1936 Pierce Arrow Country Club 2dr Roadster (Titled VIN 2215225). This 1936 Pierce Arrow has been an Iowa car since the 1950’s and possibly longer. After consulting with a Pierce Arrow expert, it is believed that there are only three, 1936 Country Club Roadsters in existence.

The car was owned by Allan Atherton, an antique car collector from Dexter, Iowa, for close to 30 years. In the early 1980’s, at the height of the farm crisis in Iowa, Mr. Atherton was forced to liquidate most of his antique car collection. This is when Mr. Quam purchased the car from the bank in Dexter, Iowa.

In an oral history given to Iowa Public Television, Mr. Quam talks about this car along with the Motor Iowa trip that he drove it on.
It was Mr. Atherton that chose the colors for this car. In talking with his family, they confirmed what Mr. Quam always had said, that the color scheme of this car was based on a Butternut Coffee can of the era. The color change was made when the car was restored in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s, while in Mr. Atherton’s possession. Mr. Atherton’s family has provided photos of the car during their ownership including a photo of the car in a parade with the Governor of Iowa riding in the rumble seat. None of Mr. Atherton’s family can recall where the car came exactly from when their father purchased it nor what color it was before it was restored.

Grant Quam drove the car extensively, including a Cross Country Pierce Arrow Tour beginning in Binghamton, New York, in about 1995. Before embarking on this trip, Mrs. Quam (Betty) insisted that she would go with her husband on the trip, but only if the car had air conditioning. In order to accomplish this, a 12-volt electrical system was installed to run parallel to the 6-volt system. An “under dash” air conditioner was installed along with an AM-FM Cassette deck and a CB radio. All of these items can easily be removed and everything returned to original, as the original parts are still in place.

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