Ford Expands Self Driving vehicles in Austin

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Ford Expands Self Driving vehicles in Austin

As the first city to allow a self-driving test vehicle on public streets, Austin is no stranger to experimentation. And we think now is the perfect time to continue exploring how this technology can become an important part of a city’s transportation infrastructure — and make people’s lives easier.

At Ford, we’re excited to announce Austin will become our third launch market for self-driving vehicles, along with Miami-Dade County and Washington, D.C. It’s easy to love Austin for the live music, its emergence as a prominent tech hub and even the bats. We are excited to bring more transportation solutions to a growing city that is beloved by visitors and community members alike.

In each of the last eight years, Austin has been the fastest growing metro region in America, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That growth has been felt by residents, as it provides new jobs as well as a diverse food and entertainment scene, but it has also affected how Austinites travel throughout the city. The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization predicts vehicle use in the Austin region could double by 2040, while highway capacity will only grow 15 percent.

Simply put, Austin has to look towards diverse and innovative ways to move people around.

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