The Volkswagen Light Bus Documentary

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The Volkswagen Light Bus Documentary

CuriosityStream, the documentary streaming and on-demand service from the founder of Discovery Channel, debuts the story behind the Volkswagen “Light Bus” today. Produced in whole by Arcadia Content, THE WOODSTOCK BUS film follows the story of unlikely friends and fans working together to find and resurrect the original Light Bus.

Named for the band “Light” that owned a 1963 Standard Microbus, the original vehicle was painted in a famous coat of mystic symbolism by artist Dr. Bob Hieronimus in 1968. After exhaustive efforts to locate the original came up short, Hieronimus – with Canadian documentarian John Wesley Chisholm – began a Kickstarter fund to construct a replica. Inspired by the story and subsequent campaign, Volkswagen of America, Inc. made a donation to help the duo meet their campaign goal and bring the restoration project to fruition.

The documentary premiere coincides with the official start to the Light Bus’ journey back to New York for a 50th anniversary of Woodstock celebration. THE WOODSTOCK BUS will be available on CuriosityStream starting today here.

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