Chrysler of the 1920’s

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Chrysler of the 1920’s

When you mention the 1920’s and automobiles, most car enthusiasts focus on the Model A, Cadillac and other brands, but when the Chrysler Corporation was formed in the summer of 1925, their impact was immediate on the automotive market  industry as a whole.

Walter P. Chrysler with original 1924 Chrysler Six. Chrysler brand 75th Anniversary press kit photo. March, 1999.

1920s– The first Chrysler branded vehicle was born as part of Maxwell Motors: the Chrysler Six. Walter P. Chrysler was Chairman of Maxwell Motors prior to establishing Chrysler Corporation in June 1925. Priced at $1,565, the light, powerful vehicle had a groundbreaking L-head six-cylinder engine and four-wheel hydraulic brakes, an uncommon feature in the 1920s. Additional Chrysler Six features included tubular front axles, full pressure lubrication, aluminum pistons, replaceable oil and air filters, shock absorbers and indirect interior lighting.

1925-1930– Early Chrysler vehicles provided style and power, but were also affordable, which contributed to the brand’s rapid success. Early models were named after their top speed: the Chrysler 58 had a top speed of 58 miles per hour (mph); a Chrysler 72 could go a max 72 mph and so on. In 1926, Chrysler introduced a more powerful and costly Imperial model, giving Chrysler a response to Cadillac, Packard and Peerless. The Imperials offered prestige as a top-of-the-line Chrysler. Chrysler production in the late 1920s focused on both four- and six-cylinder powered vehicles.

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