A Man and His Impala SS

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1966 Impala at The Allen Texas Classic. Photo By: www.myclassicnews.com

A Man and His Impala SS

When you talk about Chevys of the 60’s to most people, they assume the word Corvette, Camaro or Chevelle will be mentioned, but tucked off of Interstate 75 just north of Dallas on July 14 was a 1966 Lemonwood Yellow Chevrolet Impala SS convertible with a unique history that won the Runner-Up Best in Show in the Inaugural 2018 Allen Texas Classic Car Show & Auction.

1966 Impala at the Allen Texas Classic. Photo By: www.myclassicnews.com

This beautiful Chevrolet Impala SS convertible is owned by Ed Baker of Plano, Texas. Ed’s Impala defeated several worthy opponents for the award. One of the judges stated “You just can’t discard the history of this Impala. It’s not just a driver, but its road journeys specifically portray the true relationship between the owner and his car.”

Photo Courtesy of: Ed Baker

Ed bought this SS in July of 1969, therefore it was only fitting that 49 years to the month this Impala won the Runner-Up Best in Show in the inaugural Allen Texas Classic. Ed not only drives this Impala locally, but he has also traveled the country in it and even on a trip to music fest in Canada and he has the pictures to prove it. The only rules he has are that it is never driven in the rain, he never uses soap when washing it and it’s always covered in the garage.

Photo Courtesy of: Ed Baker

The car has been kept as original as it could be. The dash, console, steering and instrument panel are all original. Naturally, normal wear and tear had an effect on the seats and other interior areas, but they were all restored to original. The original engine had seated and Ed installed a 283 out of a 1966 Bel Air. Later, a tie rod broke and damaged that engine and a 327 crate engine was installed. The original transmission was also rebuilt.

Photo Courtesy of: Ed Baker

Another original part of the car that Ed is definitely proud of is the factory windshield that still has his college decal and parking pass stickers. After years of use, Ed broke down and performed a frame off restoration from 2000 to 2002, just in time for his college reunion. The car didn’t have factory A/C, but they installed an A/C unit out of the same Bel Air that the 283 came out of.

Photo Courtesy of: Ed Baker

“I’m very proud of the car and I really love it. I will never sell it. Its got a lot of memories and really good memories,” Ed told MyclassicNEWS.


Photo courtesy of: Ed Baker

Rick Duncan, president of MyclassicNEWS and founder of The Allen Texas Classic Car Show & Auction said “I have been around classic cars since I could walk. Over the years I have heard many stories from collectors and car owners, but Ed’s relationship with his Impala is one of the most unique and touching stories I’ve heard. Ed only solidifies the reason why I love the classic car industry. I truly wonder if hundreds of years form now, when cars are no longer necessary, will our descendants still reflect on the relationships humans had with these pieces of metal art that we built from the earths resources to drive us around.”

MyclassicNEWS hopes to see this beautiful Impala SS convertible next year at The Allen Texas Classic.

1966 Impala at The Allen Texas Classic. Photo By: www.myclassicnews.comPhoto Credit:

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