GM Introduces “Maven” in Los Angeles, the future of Metropolitan Transport

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Since the Horse and Carriage and travel across America began, entrepreneurs have searched for ideas to create ways to move people. The U.K. has the tube and many American cities have subways, buses, trains and other means of moving around the city, but when we need to transport ourselves around our metropolitan areas with the greatest ease the taxi and now uber can jolt us around our city’s concentric zones from point to point. There were taxi’s in Paris in 1899, in England in 1903 and taxi’s were introduced in New York in 1907, but now General Motors has Maven, GM’s personal mobility brand.

Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand, is working with the City of Los Angeles to evolve mobility and provide easier, more sustainable and more convenient options for Angelenos to navigate the city. Maven’s seamless car-sharing application complements Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s vision to leverage multi-modal transportation solutions to advance mobility and encourage more electric vehicles in the market. The collaboration is expected to increase opportunities in Los Angeles neighborhoods, from reducing mobility barriers to exposing all communities to transportation electrification.

Maven City car sharing in Los Angeles has seen an average of 56 percent member growth month-over-month since launching in October 2016, and Maven will leverage this existing platform as well as in-city infrastructure, fleet management capabilities and operational insights to help advance the city of Los Angeles’ Sustainable City pLAn. Maven members will play an integral role in informing the co-creation process and will provide valuable insights for future infrastructure and transportation developments.

The Chevy Bolt EV, with an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles, has launched in Los Angeles in Maven City car sharing and the Lyft Express Drive Program. Maven supplies vehicles for Lyft’s Express Drive program, providing Lyft drivers with affordable access to weekly rentals of GM vehicles in select cities. By adding the Bolt EV, Maven could allow for up to 250,000 all-electric miles driven per month across all of its offerings. Maven also plans to offer the Bolt EV in San Francisco and San Diego.

Below are some facts and the numbers from General Motors:


  • In 13 months, Maven has launched three products and has grown to 17 cities in the U.S. and Canada: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Atlanta; Baltimore; Boston; Chicago; Denver; Detroit; Los Angeles; Jersey City, New Jersey; Nashville, Tennessee; New York City; Orlando, Florida; Phoenix; San Diego; San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
  • Maven has more than 24,000 members who have made more than 27,500 reservations.
  • Maven members have traveled more than 78 million miles.
  • The average Maven City trip is 121 miles and lasts more than 12 hours.
  • The Lyft Express Drive program with Maven in Los Angeles is currently the largest in the nation.

Just imagine needing transportation, pulling your cell phone out and checking for a car, jumping in and driving home, to lunch or to your favorite restaurant. All without jumping in a cab, bus, subway or even buying a car…

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