October 2016 Barn Find

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True barn finds can be discovered in many ways. Whether it be one car, two cars or an entire lost collection, they are all unique in their own way. Just last month, Myklassic stumbled upon a very cool find. Nestled on a farm in the hills of Missouri we drifted back in history nearly 100 years. As we drove up the entrance towards the Farmhouse a Ford Fairlane came into view sitting outside. then further up the hill we noticed an old GMC commercial truck backed into the trees. As the barn on the hill came into view the excitement of what may be inside was overwhelming. We walked into the barn and the first image that caught my eye was the rusted rear end of an old mid-thirty’s Buick. The Buick was half buried in manure and dirt. It was apparent that it had been there for many decades untouched and totally original.

Exiting the first barn and entering another, I noticed the nose of some kind of old 20’s car. As I pushed through the 6 foot weeds to get a closer look it was apparent that it was a mid 1920’s Durant Star. Suspended in time for over 70 years with the original engine and the wooden top frame rotted off, this beauty could tell some stories, if only it could talk, but seeing it and imagining the historic value was enough for me. There is nothing more exhilarating than walking through a time-warp of classic cars in the middle of nowhere.




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