Ford Keeping Lincoln manufacturing in U.S.

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By now, all of us in the car world know that Ford will be keeping their small Lincoln utility vehicle production at their Louisville assembly plant in Kentucky. There have been many rumors as to what really transpired, but Myklassic News has the facts.

In a press statement on November 18, 2016 Ford said “We continue to engage with President-elect Trump’s team – and the new Congress – as they shape the policy agenda for 2017.” Ford said that they conformed with the President Elect, that with his support, they would keep their small Lincoln utility vehicle production in Louisville, KY and that they are encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new congress will pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of the Lincoln utility vehicle in the U.S. Ford spokeswoman Christin Baker answered: “The answer to your question is yes” when asked if Trump had any bearing on the decision to keep Lincoln production in Kentucky.

There are many news organization claiming that Ford and Trump had no dialogue and one major Michigan newspaper said that Ford didn’t even operate a Lincoln small utility plant, which is totally negated by Ford’s own words.

Regardless of the politics, Myklassic News feels that it is refreshing that automakers have opened a dialogue with the President-elect and the entire new incoming administration. Myklassic News has spoken to many in the auto industry that have been very concerned about where we were headed in this country with stiff manufacturing regulations and excessive taxes that are virtually running companies out of the U.S. Unfortunately, we have a media in this country that seems to spew negative, regardless of positive outcomes. By enlarge, the bottom line is keeping American jobs here and retaining our historic automaker image. We commend Ford and the new administration for communicating and seeking any type of resolution that will keep our automotive plant employees in a job.

Ford employees Eric Lyle and Derrick Norris on the MKC assembly line before Ford Motor Company announced the hiring of 300 new employees and a $129 million investment in Louisville Assembly Plant to support production of the all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC. Ford Motor Company maintains its strong commitment to the commonwealth of Kentucky and the city of Louisville through production of the new Lincoln crossover. Photo by: Sam VarnHagen/Ford Motor Co.

Photo Credit: All photo’s herein is the property of Ford and was published by MyclassicNEWS with their permission and consent.




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