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Cadillac was born a Ford (Part I)

December 11, 2018 myclassicrick 0

Cadillac was born a Ford (Part I) There is a unique story behind the Cadillac brand. In 1899 The Detroit Automobile Company was founded with a $15,000.00 investment by twelve investors that were put together […]

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A once in a lifetime restoration

December 7, 2018 myclassicrick 0

A once in a lifetime restoration Kathleen Brooks bought her first Beetle in December 1966 in Riverside, Calif.—a red 1967 model she quickly named “Annie.” Ever since, Annie has been Kathleen’s daily transportation, racking up […]

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Chrysler of the 1920’s

November 29, 2018 myclassicrick 0

Chrysler of the 1920’s When you mention the 1920’s and automobiles, most car enthusiasts focus on the Model A, Cadillac and other brands, but when the Chrysler Corporation was formed in the summer of 1925, […]

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The Nicest BMW 2002 You May Ever See

November 20, 2018 myclassicrick 0

The Nicest BMW 2002 You May Ever See Regardless of where your passion lies with classic cars, American or European, muscle or luxury, we all pride ourselves in restoring a classic to the best of […]

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Driven By Enzo

November 16, 2018 myclassicrick 0

Driven By Enzo This year and on the 120th anniversary of the founder’s birth, the Ferrari Museum pays tribute to his passion for cars with the “Driven by Enzo” and “Passion and Legend” exhibitions, which […]

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Moon over St. Louis

November 1, 2018 myclassicrick 0

Moon over St. Louis We hear stories from the early 1900’s of the Model A’s, Model T’s, the unique happenings that caused the Durant to be manufactured and the positioning of all the Big 3, […]