The Jeep FC-150

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Wllys Jeep FC-150. Photo By:

The Jeep FC-150

When you mention the word jeep, an all terrain – off road- toy usually comes to mind, but in 1956 Willys dealers were supplied with a unique small bedded, rugged design from Brooks Stevens.

Introduced in 1956, the FC-150 models were based on the CJ-5 with its 81 in. wheelbase. They featured a 78 in long cargo box. The FC was based on a rugged design and could climb grades of up to 60%. Mechanix Illustrated raved about the FC’s toughness. Marketed with a 2757 sq. in. wrap around windshield, the road could be viewed at a distance of only 6 feet while driving. With a high and low transmission range, four-wheel drive and the forward control design, this jeep was ideal for the rugged construction market or for the daily hobbyist who wanted to haul things and tout toughness in their vehicle.

In 1958, the FC-150 received a new, wider chassis. Its track was widened from 48 in. to 57 in. A 1958 FC-150 concept featured an 83.5 in. wheelbase, with a gross weight of 5,000 lb.

You don’t see many of these FC-150’s running the roads. My dad had one on his car lot in the early 60’s in Los Angeles, but you will be able to check out this beautifully done 1959 Willys Jeep Forward Control (FC-150) this July 13 & 14, 2018 at the Allen Texas Classic Car Show & Auction at Allen Event Center in Allen, Texas.

This Beauty is owned by David J. Bartek of Frisco, Texas. Bartek did this one right. It consisted of a 2 year restoration with over 3000 hours. MyclassicNEWS would like to commend the following, who had a part in making this rugged piece of art come back to life for us to enjoy:

North Texas Customs, LLC of Wylie, Texas (Metal Blast, Fab & Paint)

Stophers Automotive in Caddo Mills, Texas (Mechanical)

Mar-K in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Oak Wood Bed Floor)

Route 66 Auto Interiors in Rowlette, Texas (Upholstery)

Everything on this build was restored to factory specifications with just a few exceptions. Alloy rims and 31-inch radial, the oak wood bed, 2 stage paint consisting of 3 base coats and 3 coats of clear, pinstriping, tweed fabric and vinyl upholstery, Saturn overdrove and custom shifter, 3 point seat belts and lizard skin heat and sound insulation.

Regardless of those small alterations, this FC-150 portrays originality and takes us back in time to an era where character and design was important. We would like to thank David Bartek for his commitment to this project and his passion for showing this piece of art to the public. We are also looking forward to seeing it on display at our event in Allen (The Allen Texas Classic) on July 13th & 14th, 2018. For more information about the show you can go to

Enjoy the images of this Jeep FC-150 time capsule.

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