A 1958 Chevy Dream

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A 1958 Chevy Dream

When you mention wanting an old Chevy from the 50’s, many classic car enthusiasts refer to the 55’s & 56’s, the 57 Chevy or even the early 50 models. Ever so often you here an enthusiast talk of the 58. Although the 57 was a one year wonder, with its characteristic rear end, it still mimicked the 55 and 56 in the front end, but the 58 Chevy was definitely a 1 year model and one of a kind.

American actor Charles Martin Smith as Terry Fields in the film ‘American Graffiti’, 1973. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Re-popularized in 1973 when “Toad” Charles Martin Smith was given Ron Howard’s 58, because he was going off to college, the 1958 Chevy was only 15 years old. That’s like talking about a 2005 vehicle today. Doesn’t seem like a long time ago to be talking about a 2004 vehicle as a classic, but in 1973 the evolution of models and society had gone from the late 50’s cruisers tracking down the boulevards to the 60’s and early 70’s muscle cars and many enthusiasts in between, such as the VW vans that made their place in the Woodstock era. The changes from 1958 to 1973 was like a lifetime compared to 2005 to 2018 cars.

Over the years the 1958 Chevrolet has come into form as one of the most unique classic Chevy’s of the 1950’s. For its debut in 1958, the Impala was distinguished from other models by its taillights and I always believed it had the frontend aura of a late 50’s looking Cadillac.

The 1958 Chevrolet models were longer, lower, and wider than pervious years. The 1958 model year was the first with dual headlamps. The rear fins from the 1957 were replaced by a curved and rounded quarter panel. Impalas had three taillights on each side, while other models had two and the wagons just one.

Tucked in north Dallas is a beautiful 1958 owned by Bruce Huffman. As with many classic car enthusiasts Bruce wanted a classic car he could not only drive, but drive comfortably. The new era of retro-rods and retro restorations and modifications offer us the capability to enjoy and maintain our classics, while integrating some of the newer amenities that come with new cars. But, there is a thin line that exists. When do you lose the character of your classic for too much modernization.

Bruce wanted a 1958 Chevy that maintained the body character, but yet handled and rode like a newer vehicle, and had some power. It took him approximately 20 years to find this beauty. It boasts a 502 that gives him plenty of power and has had just enough electrical, suspension, steering and a few other modifications that provides a modern feel, but this 58 has in no way lost its 58 character, whether it be around the body or the interior. As you walk around this car it wreaks late 50’s and 58 Chevy.

Don’t miss this beautiful 1958 Chevy at the Allen Texas Classic Car Show & Auction on July 13th & 14th at Allen Event Center. www.allentexasclassic.com

We would like to thank Bruce Huffman for taking his time with us at the Allen Americans Car Show on March 31st. and we look forward to seeing you in July.

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