GM facts of the 1920’s

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1925 Market Segmentation Price Ladder of Early GM Cars: Cadillac, Chev, Pontiac, Buick, Olds. W25HV_CO002

GM facts of the 1920’s

1928 Safety Glass. W28HV_CO001

Throughout the twenties there were a number of changes in windshield production. In 1924 some local police departments were the beneficiaries of one windshield development. Lincoln touring sedans called Police Flyers came specially equipped with bullet-proof (glass and polycarbonate) windshields nearly an inch thick. In 1926 Rickenbacker offered safety glass as a standard feature all the way around its car. As Ford continued utilizing safety glass, a 1928 full-page ad for the Triplex Safety Glass Company touted, “The new Ford is equipped with a windshield of Triplex — the glass that will not shatter.”  Also in the 20’s Cadillac introduced Non-Shatterable Security Plate Glass.


1923 Duco Paint. W23HV_CO001

Duco was a trade name assigned to a product line of automotive lacquer developed by the DuPont Company in the 1920s. Under the Duco brand, DuPont introduced the first quick drying multi-color line of nitrocellulose lacquers made especially for the automotive industry.


1924 The Industry’s First Proving Ground (MPG). W24HV_CO001

In 1924 The Milford Proving Grounds was the first on the industry.


1929 Frigidaire Room Air Conditioner. W29HV_CO001

General Motors and Durant owned Frigidaire, who developed the home A/C’s

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